Hey bloggers & non-blogger alike! My name is Marecia. I'm 23 and a recent grad looking to refocus my diet and lifestyle! So I decided to start a new fitness, health and happiness blog considering they all go hand and hand! I'll blog about some of my favorite recipes, work outs & mood boosters to share with the people seeking a healthier lifestyle! Enjoy! ☮ ☯

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You guys!

A friend of mine has a really amazing project going on that could use a little publicity and I’d super appreciate if you guys would share the Kickstarter on tumblr.

They’re (The Blade Brothers) trying to start an absolutely groundbreaking online Filmschool and I have so much faith in them.

Please share even if you don’t want to become a financial backer.

It would mean so much.

Seriously. An ONLINE Filmschool? This needs to be shared.


*chugs a gallon of water*

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I have noticed many posts on my dash related to anxiety.

Today I want to share a few posts I have gathered for working with students to help cope with anxiety and stress.

Since I have been collecting these, some of the links to the sources are now broken websites.

Hope these are helpful!


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We need carbs to survive, people! It’s just a matter of picking the right ones. Don’t fear the carb.

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